We aim to build a just community of believers with opportunities available regardless of faith gender or race.   Our goal is to equip and improve the quality of life for every member and their families residing within marginalized communities.


Bo and Stanley Reahard
12310 Amberly Drive, Suite 250
Tampa, Fl.33647



Juliet Vasquez
Mobile No. +639262014553

Rev. Carlos G. Angana
E-mail: Carlos_Angana@yahoo.com
Mobile No. +639062467137


P.O. Box 31-S
Tel. No. (02) 930-1208
1123 Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines
Office Email: jvcesphil@yahoo.com
  • We believe in a loving God and a just, helpful and caring community.
  • We believe the Bible as the inspired revelation of God’s truth profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.
  • We affirm to promote the welfare of the environment and support a just, economic, social and spiritual connection that will lead towards holistic life.
  • We affirm to uphold an equal and peaceful relationship to every person and to every religion because we are here as one big family.